Well yes; yes they are

California secession leader says "our values are different than [sic]  the United States".

“This is California. We’re not the United States. Our values are different,” said Shankar Singram, vice president of the California Freedom Coalition. “We’re fundamentally different in how we act and speak and think about the world globally. Whether it has to do with war, the climate, the environment. We’re just a different state.”

How different, you ask? This different:

Jennifer Lawrence (looked her up: she's an actress, naturally), removes $10,000 crystals from her home, which then immediately floods. "I hate crystals", she tells Vogue. "“Everyone told me, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t move them. You have to have the crystal lady who put them in move them,” she says

The crystal lady herself denies that the crystal removal caused such a bad thing to happen: blaming an unfortunate circumstance on something external, such as crystals, “gives our power away.” In other words: Rocks aren’t responsible for your crappy luck, and blaming them for it won’t get you anywhere.

Still, the healer, who says crystals can cost tens of thousands of dollars, warns to respect their power. “To some people, they are sacred,” she says. “They’re one of a kind, manufactured in the earth.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about respect — you’ve got to make peace with your environment. But it doesn’t sound like that was important to her,” she concludes.

These are the people who believe in Mother Gaia, high speed trains and global warming, the same crowd who this past April joined in the "March for Science"  to protest Trump.

Why wait for them to secede? Can't we just evict them from the Union? 

Wow, I've been involved in some real estate deals that collapsed but fortunately, both sides were a bit more accepting of the situation than this

That's an owie!

That's an owie!

Real estate deal goes bad and someone gets nailed to a tree.

A shocking video shows first responders rescue a New Mexico man whose hands were nailed to a tree in the woods in an act of revenge.
The victim, Jose Duran, was freed in an hours-long rescue mission in Bosque that was captured in footage obtained by news station KRQE this week.
Duran, who initially wouldn’t disclose his name, was saved by police in May after a city worker found him with both hands nailed to a tree and screaming for help.
Duran, who was still conscious, told police that he was nailed to the tree after a real estate deal went south. He claimed during an interview that the two men involved in the deal, both of whom were strangers, intended to kill him.

The modern progressive movement: no place for (white) men; or even pale black ones

In America, if not kenya, any little boy can grow up to be president. But he can't enter a "person of color" safe space

In America, if not kenya, any little boy can grow up to be president. But he can't enter a "person of color" safe space

Brandis bars white men from applying for its $10,000 "social justice reporting" program.

Social Justice Warrior: pale-skinned blacks or bi-racials have no place in "people of color safe places". Got a white parent? This guy says stay the fuck away. Someone warn Barack. 

The ratio of men to women attending college is now 56% women, 44% men (not counting those who don't know what the hell they are), which is a complete reversal of the number from 20 years ago. My guess is that if this insanity, including the war on men, continues, it'll be 80% - 20% in another decade. 

Beautiful house, but Buckfield's a tough sale



Which is not to say that houses there won't sell, they just take longer to find a buyer than those closer to town. Case in point is this one, 22 Buckfield Lane, on the market since May, 2016. Started at $6.250 back then and today took its fourth price cut, down to $4.8. Great, 1820 house, though I'm puzzled by this bit of realtor prose:

This colonial home, guest house and barn have been sensitively renovated to the highest standards by noted architect. The interior spaces are filled with bespoke design ...

Aside from that ubiquitous "noted architect"—the same anonymous fellow crops up in all sorts of listings, so he must be busy (and in a witness protection program?—but what's with "bespoke"? I would think that anyone hiring an architect, noted or not, would insist that the renovation design be specific to the customer's tastes and wishes so, to my thinking at least, the second part of this description is redundant.

Although perhaps the agent is being paid by the word.

And the low end continues to perc along

58 Long Meadow Rd

58 Long Meadow Road, Riverside NoPo, was listed for $1.395 million and was quickly bid up to $1.411. I'm not surprised in the least; the house could use some serious updating to its kitchen and baths, but neither of those need be done immediately. More important, Riverside Acres, where this property is located, is a very nice, quiet neighborhood, with a small community beach at one end, affording swimming, kayaking and (small boat) sailing on Mianus Pond.

Good neighbors, too.

This is how to take a price cut

6R Eggleston Lane, in Shorelands, OG, hit the market March 22 this year, priced at $3.995 million (two lots). Its price stayed there until today, when it was dropped to $2.7 million. That may still be the wrong price: Eggleston's a fairly quirky street, but at least it's a real price cut, not some meaningless nibble.

I don't know anything about that initial pricing decision, and listing agent Jean Ruggiero would certainly not violate confidentiality rules and tell me were I to ask, but often in properties involving heirs (this is an estate sale), one or more of them will insist on an unrealistic price, especially if they're out of town and aren't up on local values, and it can take a while before everyone's on board.

That may have been what happened here.