The Left has entered into (what I hope) is terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome

 Really? I mean, REALLY?

Really? I mean, REALLY?

Ivanka Trump stops into an hair salon in Iowa, and its (supposed) customers go absolutely batshit crazy. Can you think of a single instance where this absolute hatred was unleashed against an establishment that accommodated one of Obama's children? For that matter, the Obama himself had his hair cut at this very same shop, and not a single one of his opponants threatened to boycott the place or threaten the owner.

Pray for our country.


Oh, just shut up, will you?

 stupid is as stupid does

stupid is as stupid does

Former weight lifter Arnold Schwarzenegger, who just last week announced his intention to file a complaint against oil companies "for First Degree Murder" and called for global warning stickers on cars, gasoline pumps and plastic toothbrushes, is now offering free helicopter rides over Los Angeles".

"If the New York Times can send fifty of its reporters on a world-wide junket in a private jet", Schwarzenegger asked FWIW, "why can't I join in the fun too? Tell me that."

In contract, out of contract, and back in contract again

64 Butternut.jpg

64 Butternut Hollow Road, which was reported here at the beginning of February  as having finally found a buyer, was returned to the market after that deal apparently fell apart, is again under contract. I hesitate to speculate on something I don't know for sure, but I notice that the house is clad in that synthetic stucco, Dryvit, which had quite a few problems with moisture penetration and rot back in the the late 90s. In fact, a class action suit was settled in 2002 over the issue. Did the first contract fail after a building inspection? Again, I have no knowledge of the situation, only speculation, but if this house comes back on the market again, that speculation will escalate to suspicion.

Its asking price has been $1.750 million for some time now, which must be a source of disappointment to the owners, because it was originally listed at $3.250 all the way back in 2014. Agents and owners can make mistakes in pricing homes — we're all human — but missing the mark by this much is unusual. 

Here's a price cut

17 Aiken.jpg

After two years on the market at $12.995 million, 17 Aiken Road was dropped today to $9.995. It's quite a house — in fact, compared to replacement cost, it's probably a bargain — although it failed to fetch the $21 million its owner (and then listing agent David Ogilvy) hoped for in 2006-2007. You can't always get what you want.

The current listing describes it as "AN ESTATE LIKE NO OTHER. FOR THE MOST CREATIVE AMONG US" — perhaps that's a reference to creative financing?

Pretty cool digs, though.

Land sale pending in Deer Park

49 Midwood.jpg

2 acre lot at 49 Midwood Road, asking $4.250 million. It looks as though the builder can split these 2.3 acres into two lots, which probably won't please its neighbors, but the land's been for sale since 2014 (when it started at $5.795), so they've had plenty of time to step up to the plate and buy it themselves. 

CORRECTION: I've just been informed by one of Greenwich's finest realtors, a woman who's far too dignified to want her name associated in any way with this blog, : ) that lots here are deed restricted, so this property will remain intact. I'd assumed that the price of $4 million -plus reflected the value of two lots, but that's not the case.

Pricey land.

It's a snow day, but a bit of real estate news has been reported nonetheless

 18 Bryon Road

18 Bryon Road

18 Bryon Road, Old Greenwich, sold for full asking price, $3.095 million. Owners paid $3.1 for it in 2014, did a bit of touching up, and have moved on. Listed in November, January contract.

14 Crescent.jpg

14 Crescent Road, Riverside, $2.3 million min an asking price of $2.395. Hit the market last September, went to contract in December (the market doesn't die entirely during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

NYT treats 50 of its reporters to an around the world tour to demonstrate carbon footprints



No kidding. They're off on a junket, on a private jet no less, to decry global warming.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, though you don't choose your family, but my cousin Henry, the Time's "global warming expert" (Yale grad who majored in English) is probably along for the ride. We don't speak often, though that's due more to geographical, not political distance, but perhaps he'll send me a post card from Easter Island.

Old Greenwich sale

6 ford lane.jpg

6 Ford Lane*, which entered contract February 13, has sold for $7.145 million, on an asking price of $7.5.  It's apples to oranges, of course, but Pal Nancy and I have good friends, former neighbors to this owner, who sold out after retirement and moved to Atlantic Ocean waterfront in York, Maine. You should see what thirty-cents on the dollar fetches up north.

* A reader has corrected me — 6, not 7, as originally posted

New agent, new price, but still, so what? More room here.


33 Vineyard Lane (like Cos Cob's similarly-misnamamed, arid "Pond Place", this neighborhood hasn't seen a grape vine since Leaf Erickson pulled up stakes and returned home), originally priced at $8.995 million, has been placed back on the market today at $6.495. 

I don't have all that much sympathy for agents who take ridiculously overpriced listings, but I understand: after all, we're just trying to make a living — but you sellers shouldn't necessarily punish them for going along with your fantasies. Give them a chance with a reasonable price.

Marry in haste, repent at leisure

106 porchuck.jpg

That's not quite right: 106 Porchuck Road has been for sale since 2016, when it started at $2.995 million, but its latest listing, at $1.899, has only been on the market for three weeks, and is now under contract. These sellers paid $2 million for it in 2013, silly them, and poured a ton of money into "improving" it, to no noticeable effect. I'll point out that it was a private sale.

UPDATE: "Flash" sends along this press release from the Department of Justice; The sellers are (were, now) major drug dealers.

 No, no, no —you don't want to live in a gymnasium

No, no, no —you don't want to live in a gymnasium

 Nor do you want to face frying eggs in this atrocity at 6 in the morning

Nor do you want to face frying eggs in this atrocity at 6 in the morning