Stylish, yes, but no one seems to want this style anymore

10 Flagler Drive

10 Flagler Drive

10 Flagler Drive, a 1929 home on almost 3 acres, has cut its price again and is now asking $6.350 million, down considerably from the $7.950 is asked when it started oh-so-long-ago, in 2013.

It's sister home, also built in 1929 and the same size, No. 11, has been for sale since 2014. It started at $11.250 and has dropped to $9.965 or, if you're willing to make do with just two acres and have a new neighbor, just $5.995.

The owner of No. 10 Flagler paid $4 million for it in 1995; her predecessor paid $2.8 in 1994, and fixed it up. I'm guessing that the strike price for both these houses will be found somewhere between those two numbers.

One idle observation: at 7,500 sq.ft. each, these two combined are just  wee bit smaller than the structure a client of mine is building next door. Hey; I tried to talk him out of it, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, I suppose.