New listing in nosebleed territory

6 Meadowcroft Lane, priced at $16.5. 10,sq. ft., 8 acres. The previous owners priced it at $17.4 million 2011 and sold it for $12.875 in 2014. Now it's been renovated and launched back in the water. This house is about all that's left of the mansions on Meadowcroft that just fifteen years ago made it one of the most beautiful, and premier streets in Greenwich. That was before Mark Mariani showed up to raze the old and build the new, and between Mariani and one or two other spec builders, the look and the feel of Meadowcroft has been ruined.

But it does have 8 acres, so it's probably possible to ignore those eyesores.

This makes 15 houses priced above $15 million currently on the market. Four homes in that category sold in the past 12 months.

Just sayin'