Price cut in Old Greenwich

74 Laddins Rock

74 Laddins Rock

74 Laddins Rock (named after poor Mr. Laddin who, some years ago, chose to jump his horse off the cliff across the street to escape capture by a band of naked savages - he achieved that, but didn't survive the leap), has dropped its price from $1.395 to $1.299. The sellers bought it new for $1.425 in 2004, on (the laughable, in my opinion) asking price of $1.495, but did so using the "services" of the builder's agent - why buyers do that, I've never figured out, but they do. 

This house, like No. 72 next door, was built into the cliff behind it, so it's a vertical environment, with, practically speaking, no back yard, and fronts on busy street. That said, the price isn't bad at all.

No 72 also asked $1.495 in 2004, but those buyers, represented by their own agent, bought it for just $1.3. They then, foolishly, re-listed it in 2008 for $1.850 and finally unloaded it for $1.190 a year later.

Basically the same house, with the same geographical problems, so I'd think the same price would be  good place to start, and even end up.