It's scientists' fault that so many of us ignore their cry-wolf warnings about global warming

London smog, 1952

London smog, 1952

Scientists say that global warming is responsible for office workers growing tired in the afternoon and say that the entire population will soon be stupid and lethargic.

Researchers warn that a surge in levels could affect memory, concentration and making decisions. 

From the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 19th Century, coal smog befouled the air of England, culminating in 1952 with a London disaster that killed 12,000 people in just 5 days. What were the CO2 levels then? Somehow, the stupid, lethargic men of during that century-and-a-half period managed to create an economy that quintupled the standard of living for their fellow citizens, invented a myriad of technological wonders, including railroads, modern ships, airplanes, radar, fought the Battle of Britain, defeated Hitler, discovered penicillin, and even spawned the Beatles. So then, let’s rise our CO2 levels to that of those good old days and while we’re at it, draw and quarter all these little wonks who, under cover of white lab coats, sucker taxpayers into paying their salaries and cause the most gullible among us to shiver under the bedcovers.

The first instances of smog were a result of the coal furnaces that began to appear in the 19th Century as a result of the Industrial Revolution. The smoke and coal ash could be so thick at this time that it was known to change the color of buildings and even turned 10 Downing Street’s bricks from yellow to black. People became so used to the color that the building’s bricks were later painted black to maintain the look. The term “smog” would not come to be used to describe this natural and man-made phenomenon until Dr. Henry Antoine Des Voeux’s paper “Smoke and Fog,” presented in 1905 at a meeting of the Public Health Congress.

None of which is to suggest that we return to coal: there’s no need to do so, now that fracking technology has produced a surplus of clean-burning natural gas, but it would be a pleasant relief if these alarmist-liars would, for the love of god, simply shut up. That won’t happen, sadly, because come January, the swarm will retake control of Washington, and it’s determined to bring the country, and the world, back to the pre-industrial age. The irony is that the resulting cooking fires and backyard iron smelters circa Mao Tse-Tung will produce far more CO2 than is being generated today.

That snag in that plan will be obviated, though, when starvation has brought the global population down to a “sustainable” level. I just hope that our global warming scientists and the reporters who so unskeptically parrot their spew will be among those who contribute to that reduction in force.