I'm so old, I remember when the Junior League promised to contribute $2.5 million of its own money to help pay for Coney Island in Byram

No Junior League debutants here!

No Junior League debutants here!

It never made good on that promise: last I checked, the ladies had coughed up $200,000, but instead, they, or more likely, the town, is sending out a mass mailing to residents, asking for contributions. Appealing to the general public for funding is hardly the "private fund-raising" promised by the JL back in 2015,  but heck, for a project that was initially priced at $7.5 million and has already surpassed $14 million before it's even opened,* what's a little reneging on a pledge  from the Ladies of the Back Country? Furthermore, the continued operational costs of this seasonal attraction will surely dwarf its actual cost over the years: the new larger pool will require 5 lifeguards, instead of the two employed at the former pool, and there are now huge new buildings to maintain. 

This seemed like a bad, costly idea in the first place, but the Lady's failure to live up to their pledge and turn instead to the same taxpayers who are already shouldering the costs of building and running the place is salt in the wound.

* Capacity, originally set for 300 people, beach and pool, is now 500, 310 pool, 190 beach, though how the town intends to keep those hypothetical 190 beach goers from wandering over and using the pool is ... problematic. Of course, maybe no-one will use the pool: 

All the pools described above would be fully ADA compliant and each would have separate filtering equipment for sanitary purposes. If a personal accident [sic][ should occur in the pool, State Health regulations require the pool to be vacated for a minimum of 12 hours.