Entire governing board of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People resigns after it's revealed that they've been referring to members as "colored people" instead of "people of color"


At least I expect them to, after a DNC leader was forced out of that group for committing the same sin.

DNC Member Who Called Blacks ‘Colored People’ Resigns

Florida Democratic National Committee member John Parker resigned on Wednesday amidst a wave of calls for him to step down.
Parker, also the state committeeman for the Duval County Democratic Party, announced he was stepping down, effective immediately, in a letter sent to DNC chair Tom Perez, Florida Democratic Party chair Terrie Rizzo, and Duval County Democratic Executive Committee chair Lisa King.
"It is with deep regret that I offer my resignation, effective immediately, as the State Committeeman of the Duval County Democratic Party and as a member of the Democratic National Committee," Parker wrote. "The past several weeks have been a challenging time as mistakes and a misstatement I made, and apologized for, have been misunderstood and give the impression I am something I am not."

The current political climate reminds me of the French Revolution, and Mao's mob rule during the Cultural Revolution, but if we can manage to push back and contain the hysteria within the Democrat Party itself, and only the Democratic Party, I'm all for it.

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