With failure rates ranging from 75% to 95%, only a teachers union could have the gall to demand more money

 Proud produck of public eduation

Proud produck of public eduation

Schools are churning out "graduates" who can't read or write. Detroit? 5% proficient.

I sympathize, a bit, with the teachers, because their job is impossible: illegitimate children living with mothers who are themselves illiterate are hardly likely to be model students, but paying teachers more will benefit those teachers, not their students.

How do we inculcate a belief in the value of learning? Beats me, but generations of immigrants have come to this country speaking no English, raised by parents with no education: think the Jews in NYC's lower East Side in the early 1900s, Vietnamese boat people circa 1972, etc., and they've prospered. Our current system is failing these children, and dooming them to a life on welfare.

Of course, that may not be accidental: "We'll make them all beggars, 'cause they're easy to please".