Hmm. Not sure about this price, but we'll see

43 Highview Avenue

43 Highview Avenue

Open house Sunday for 43 Highview Avenue, in Old Greenwich, currently asking $3.195 million. I haven''t seen the current house, but it was pretty much a wreck back in December, 2016, when these owners paid $1.295 for it. They've completely transformed it: new kitchen, new baths, created a two-car garage underneath, replacing a detached one, added central air, and, according to the listing, expanded it from 2,116 sq. ft. to 4,069 though, given FAR limitations, I suspect much of that "expansion" was achieved by finishing the basement.

Regardless, they've done a wonderful job bringing an old, 1910 house into the 21st century, and $3.195 is not an unheard-of price these days for Highview (just another nail in the coffin for ordinary people who might hope to buy south of the Village, alas, like 22 Tait Road, new construction, now under contract at $4.250 million. Tait!!! I'm not sure of the wisdom of paying twice as much as anyone else has ever paid for a house on Tait, but it's probably just the first wave of luxury homes on poor little Tait). My quibble with Highview is that the living quarters, including the bedrooms, are all on the ground floor. That's not a hugely popular configuration in our market, although the first time one of the buyers breaks a knee in Vail, they'll appreciate it. 

I'm curious to see how this house fares in our market. I'm sure it will do well, but how well? I really don't know.

CORRECTION:  I'm leaving the original post as is, so that readers can see my screw-up, but I read the listing wrong: bedrooms are on the second floor, with a small bedroom w/bath on the third. I apologize to the owners for my error.