But I thought that settled science has established that this is impossible

 Petunia Alexa, nee Jorge Smith goes for it all

Petunia Alexa, nee Jorge Smith goes for it all

A new study from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that women’s brains are five times more vulnerable than men’s to injury from heading soccer balls.

Researchers performed MRI scans on 98 amateur soccer players, 49 men and 49 women, with an average of 25-years-old. They measured for fractional anisotropy, which determines the movement of water molecules in one’s brain. A higher FA means better cognitive function. The study found that women showed lower FA levels across eight brain regions, compared to three in men.

“Women exhibit about five times as much microstructural abnormality as men when they have similar amounts of heading exposure.” Michael L. Lipton, professor of radiology at Albert Einstein College, wrote in a press release. “Our study provides preliminary support that women are more sensitive to these types of head impacts at the level of brain tissue microstructure.”

We all know that the now-obsolete concept of sex is in fact a mere social-construct, and that the proper term is "gender determinate", chosen by each individual as it sees fit. How then is it possible that people formerly known as girls could have brains and skulls different from anyone else? Harumph: another example of sexist white, racist, Trump-loving, fascist scientists attempting to create division in society.

Either these self-identyfing "girls" should change their minds (although soccer balls seem to be doing that anyway) or they should be replaced by more gender-fluid individuals — problem solved.