Mentally ill woman swears off pizza for life

 domino’s delivers

domino’s delivers

Shannon Rich, 22, says she and her partner Paul Davies, 22, ordered two vegetarian Roma pizzas for dinner from Domino’s on Malpas Road in Newport, South Wales.

When the pizzas arrived Miss Rich claims she was so hungry she tucked into her meal straight away and ate two slices before making the shocking discovery of ham.

The university student says the horrific discovery has left her ‘paranoid’ and she has been put off pizza for life.
‘It’s affected me now because I’m scared with food. I’m just constantly checking it.

’It has made me constantly paranoid. I won’t eat out now and I didn’t eat for a while after that as it just made me ill.

’I check stuff I make too. I’m just constantly checking it, always checking the labels and in the food and in the packets to verify - I’m still so upset about it.’
‘I also can’t say now that I’ve not eaten meat my whole life, I don’t even feel like me anymore.’

I suppose even the strongest supporter of eugenics wouldn’t recommend that this girl be forcibly sterilized, but I do pity the person who marries her, and I’d encourage him to practice strict birth control: he owes it toe Darwin, and the world.