A disappointment is shaping up on Rogues Hill

266 round hill.jpg

266 Round Hill Road sold in January, 2007 for $6 million. That buyer expanded the house from 4,727 sq.ft. to 8,450 and put in on the market in 2015 at $10.950 million. The price dropped to $9.5 before the listing expired in 2016. Further renovations were performed in 2017 and this year the house was returned to active listing status at the far more modest price of $6.8. No one’s bit yet, so the price was dropped today to $6.5

$6.5 would still be a substantial sale, of course, but no one’s buying; at least not yet, and writing off the costs incurred almost doubling the size of the house will be galling, if not painful.

The town appraises this place at $5 million — for the owner’s sake, let’s hope that, for once, the appraiser abandoned his usual optimism and was in a dyspeptic mood when he stopped by.