What's the market for 10,000 sq. ft. houses?

808 North.jpg

We’ll find out, I suppose.

808 North Street is back on the market, now asking $7.9 million. it was asking $12.490 back in 2008, and has reappeared sporadically at various times at ever-lower prices. Owners paid $11.4 for it in 2005, so that first 2008 price is understandable, albeit unsuccessful.

38 Dairy Road

38 Dairy Road

And 38 Dairy Road is also back, having been purchased for $4.9 million in March, 2018. The new owners put in a saltwater pool and are now asking $5.450 for their effort. The original builder hoped for $7.275 when he put it up for sale in 2016, and it took him two years before unleashing;oading it at the aforementioned $4.9. To my taste, 10,000 sq.ft. crammed onto a 2-acre lot is not a desirable home, especially when wrapped in such an ugly exterior, but that’s just personal taste. Someone may well disagree.