Snoutfair Spermologer to the World!

Hello, my name is Christopher Fountain.

I’ve always been annoyed by what passes for real estate “reporting”: glowing paeans to marvelous architecture, appeals to snobbery and always – always! a cheery view of the market. So I don’t do that (ask my former publisher): if a house is an over-priced POS I’ll point that out. If a house sells for half-its original asking price I’ll mention that too. And if I like a house, it won’t be because it’s my listing or an advertiser insists I give it a favorable mention. No advertising on this site. These are just my opinions, of course, and opinions are personal and, sometimes, dead wrong – feel free to disagree. I do sell real estate for a living, primarily as a buyer’s representative, not a seller’s, and I’m always happy to hear from readers or customers. Write me at Christopher.fountain@Gmail.com or call my cell at (203) 249-4394. Letter bombs should be sent to my partner Frank Farricker, Lockwood & Mead Realty, 6 W. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830.