Female victims of abuse must be believed; unless the abuser is a fellow Democrat

 Nothing to see here, move along, move along

Nothing to see here, move along, move along

Just a few of Dianne Feinstein’s and the media’s friends:

Representative Keith Ellison, Deputy Chief, Democrat National Committee, current candidate (and leading in the polls). Beat girlfriend repeatedly. Democrat response: no investigation, no comment (but whispered: “he’s not only a top Democrat leader, he’s a black muslim. Let’s “Move On”).

Senator Corey Booker, NJ. Admitted “groping girl in high school”. Democrat response: no investigation, no comment.

Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio. Accused by ex-wife of slamming her against a wall and engaging in other physical violence against her. Democrat response: no investigation, no comment.

Senator Thomas Carper, DE. Admitted beating his wife, now says he “regrets it”, and promises not to do it again. Democrat response: no investigation, no comment.

And, not a Democrat, but an accuser of one, Juanita Broderick, claims Bill Clinton raped her. Democrat response, denial, no investigation, no further comment.

Probably seemed like a good idea at the time



6 Khakum Wood Drive asked $15 million in 2012 and finally sold to the current owners for $8,999,888 in 2014. That kind of precise numbering indicates, to me, some intense negotiating on both parties’ sides, and presumably the buyer thought he’d achieved a bargain.

But he put it back on the market in 2017 for a-million-plus-dollar loss, $7.9, and he’s down to $5.1 today.


I predicted this last year

9 shaw.jpg

A year ago last September, in fact: “Ah, fall, when a builder’s fancy turns to impossible profits”.

9 Shaw Place (driveway off Gilliam Lane) in Riverside. New construction put up for sale in 2017 at $5.250; reduced to $4.399 today. Adjacent to Cobra’s boyhood home and overlooking the Fountain boy terrorists homestead, so you know it’s a prime location.

Maybe the listing agent should stress the fact that all of us miscreants are long gone.

Speaking of aspirational pricing

lake drive.jpg

A spec house at 18 Lake Drive, Riverside, set off last February at $4.8 million, having missed the spring market, the summer market (there is one), and almost a month of the fall, reduced its price to $4.299. Lake Drive is a good location: walk to the train, the schools and, should you be clubbable, the yacht club, and the house is about what you can expect from new Riverside construction — nothing particularly out of convention — so I assume price has been the objection. This latest cut may resolve that.

Has anyone else noticed the fetish with toilets in our town’s new construction? This house has six bedrooms, six full baths and two 1/2 baths, and that’s typical these days. Unless families are doing a lot of dining out at Chipolte’s, I don’t understand the need too have so many toilets ready for simultaneous use.

Just sayin’.

It took a while, but spec project in OG finally finds a buyer

5 sylvan.jpg

5 Sylvan Lane, which started at $6.8 million in February, 2016 and slowly dropped to its present price of $5.195, is reported as under contract. I’m guessing the final price will be closer to $4.8 than the builder might wish, but spec homes are usually optimistically priced when first put up for sale, with plenty of room for “adjustment”, so I’m sure these folks are making out just fine.

And it’s a nice house. Sylvan Lane is a great, quiet street, this property is above the flood zone, and, depending on taste, a perfectly attractive design. Only problem, I’d say, was the price. Now that that’s been resolved, Bob’s your uncle.

 Might have sold quicker had the stager hung  zebra pelt next to The Orange

Might have sold quicker had the stager hung zebra pelt next to The Orange

Adding a new meaning to "lobster pot"

 Sebastian takes flight

Sebastian takes flight

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — A lobster named Roscoe was the first to experience a technique lobster pound owner Charlotte Gill is hoping will be more humane way of executing lobsters.

In an experiment to test the affect of cannabis on lobsters, Roscoe the lobster was placed for a few minutes in a covered box with about two inches of water at the bottom. Marijuana smoke was then blown into the water at the bottom of the box.

Gill’s hypothesis is that the treatment sedates the animals and could make their deaths less traumatic.

“I feel bad that when lobsters come here there is no exit strategy,” said Gill, who has owned Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound for seven years. “It’s a unique place and you get to do such unique things but at the expense of this little creature. I’ve really been trying to figure out how to make it better.”

Following the experiment, Roscoe’s claw bands were removed and kept off for nearly three weeks.

His mood seemed to have an impact on the other lobsters in the tank, she said, and he never again wielded his claws as weapons. Earlier this week, Roscoe was returned to the ocean as a thank you for being the experimental crustacean.

“Robert Bayer, the executive director of the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine, said he’d never heard of someone using cannabis to sedate a lobster, but he’s not particularly surprised someone would try.

“I’m not aware of any actual studies on this and haven’t done any myself, though it sounds interesting,” he said.

…It’s also not clear if marijuana or any sedative would make a lobster’s death less traumatic, Bayer said, because lobsters have a nervous system that is primitive and similar to that of an insect. “When you put them in boiling water, the primitive nervous system that does exist is destroyed so quickly they’re unlikely to feel anything at all,” he said.

Hmm, let’s see here.

Hypocrisy: self-proclaimed animal rights person makes her living selling lobsters (and fish, and clams, presumably, what about them?) to tourists.

Scientific ignorance: if a lobster falls into boiling water, does it feel pain? Real scientist says no.

Evidence of too early and too frequent exposure to Disney cartoons: “The Little Princess” was not intended to be a documentary.

What’s most worrisome about this story is that Charlotte Gill (appropriate name for a fish monger) is probably a high school graduate and, if, as I suspect, a native of Massachusetts, graduated from college, and she is entitled to vote.

Cry, our once-beloved country.

I don't think these loss-sales are calculated by our MLS, which is why I highlight them

45 Lismore Lane (off Round Hill) sold via bidding war ($2.995 ask, $3.010, paid) in 2004. It returned to the market in January, 2017 at $2.9, sold yesterday for $1.9.

 70 Cedar Cliff

70 Cedar Cliff

And, while the loss has yet to be realized, 70 Cedar Cliff Road, Riverside, which sold for $3.995 million in 2006 and came on the market six months ago at $3.750 has now dropped to $3,.495.

 46 Dawn harbor

46 Dawn harbor

Similarly, a previous property I’ve written about before, 46 Dawn Harbor, Riverside, sold for $4.155 in 2015 to new owners who spent between $750,000-$1,000,000 renovating it, and resold it a few months ago for $3.7 million.

I’m certainly not suggesting that Greenwich real estate is in a free-fall — it isn’t — but buyers might well want to view their agent’s claim that real estate in town is a rock-solid “investment” with a wary eye.

(I post notes like this mostly to keep up my reputation among my colleagues as the least-liked agent in town)

2003 all over again?

347 sound beach ave.jpg

347 Sound Beach Avenue, a Doran Sabbag/Jim Hoffman/ Sound Beach Partners project constructed in 2002, sold new in 2003 for $3.075 million. The new owners made improvements and put it back on the market at $4.5 five years later before, finally selling it for $3.7. This time, it came on at $4.105, dropped to $3.295 and today reports a contract. Assuming normal negotiations on that price, we seem to be back 15 years, at least for this particular house.

Good money after bad?

 Tar baby

Tar baby

2 Cowdray Park Drive, the former residence of now-bankrupt Corey Kupersmith, was purchased from the foreclosing bank in 2015 for $3.8 million, and the buyer was probably convinced that he’d achieved a real deal, because Kupersmith had paid $8.9 million for it in 1999, and for heaven’s sake this was Conyers Farm! Bad move: the house was a wreck: most foreclosures are, and the new owners has spent the past three years pouring money into the place, trying to make it sellable. A year ago this month, he tried unloading it,, unfinished, for $6.750, but kept working on finishing it, spending more money, and increasing its price as the sunk costs increased: $7.250, $7.450, and today, $7.750.

I feel for the guy: the house isn’t selling as an unfinished project, and his only hope, I suppose, is to complete it and hope for the best, but the first law of holes is that when you find yourself in one, stop digging.

Tough situation.

 2 cowdray park drive, as envisioned by photoshop

2 cowdray park drive, as envisioned by photoshop