No, they should have promoted her

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Chipotle fires manager for demanding to see money upfront from black teenager who was a notorious “dine and dash” criminal. And they’ve subjected the staff to re-education class.

… this is not how we treat our customers and as a result, the manager has been terminated and the restaurant is being retrained to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.' 

However, not everyone is as convinced of the men's innocence. Previous tweets seemed to imply that he had eaten at establishments before without paying.

'Dine and dash is forever interesting,' Ali wrote in a since-deleted tweet from July 2015.

Another post from March 2015 read: 'if you a real ass n***a we [gonna go to] Applebees [sic] and eat as much a we can and tip the nice lady 20cents and walk the f**k out.'

Ali, who records show is on probation for theft, did not reply to a request from the Miami Herald.  

Chipotle said it is aware of the old tweets and is currently investigating the incident.

Damn right they should investigate; and then apologize to their employee, and place her in charge of theft prevention.

Long since debunked, the Mathew Shepherd "gay murder" myth is revisited and repeated by Stamford’s King School, aided by the Greenwich Free [sic] Press

 Sorry for the kid, sorrier for the bs that’s followed his death for the past two decades

Sorry for the kid, sorrier for the bs that’s followed his death for the past two decades

Mathew Shepard was a Wyoming teenager horribly murdered in Wyoming back in 1998, and became a poster child for hate crime, homophobia, and so forth. It was eventually revealed that he was the victim of meth-dealing gone bad, and was in fact murdered by a bi-sexual meth dealer cheesed off by Matthew’s refusal to pay for his drugs, and his death had nothing to do with his “gayness”, but that has never deterred the narrative of a homosexual boy tortured and killed because of his sexual orientation.

Greenwich Free Press today reports approvingly of a King School production of a play based on the false narrative, and because the owner of that blog has turned off her comments section, I thought I’d just point out her lies and falsehoods here. Parents who are paying for their children to attend The King School, a private school located just over the Stamford border, might want to investigate what other indoctrination they’re subjecting their children to, at great expense (hint: ask to see the social studies/history texts being used).

If I had it to do over, I’d home school my children. There’s no other escape from these propagandists.

The end is far closer than we might have thought



University instructs professors not to use capital letters lest they terrify snowflakes

University bosses have banned lecturers from using capital letters when assigning work to their students out of fear it might upset them.

The memo sent out to staff at Leed's Trinity journalism department suggested that using uppercase letters may 'scare them into failure', reports the Express.

It also included some tips on how they should address their students from now on, such as writing in a friendly tone, steering clear of overbearing language and negative instructions. 

It suggested that writing a word in caps could highlight the 'difficulty' of the assignment and therefore worry the students.  

At fifteen, George Washington was surveying the wilderness of (what would become) West Virginia, surrounded by hostile savages. At seventeen, my great grandfather John Caldwell arrived on these shores, alone, fought for four years in the Civil War and went on to make himself a multi-millionaire in Pittsburgh, PA. On a far, far lesser scale, at fifteen I myself was exploring Puerto Rico, unescorted, and at sixteen hitchhiked across America three times (unlike John Caldwell, and as testament to the watering-down of the gene pool, I never figured out how to make millions, alas). Now, students are terrified by UPPER CASE LETTERS.

Point is, we’ve not just delayed adulthood for these infants, we’ve completely destroyed their capacity to grow up at all, with the result that they now demand a government that protects them from all hardship and difficulty: “free” healthcare, “free” education”, and an insulated bubble that shields them from anything unpleasant, be it contradictory opinions or unsettling ideas. There are people perfectly willing to take command of these cowed sheeple and offer them what they so desperately seek, and they’re poised to do just that.

Keep your powder dry.

It works for Mexicans, why not the rest of us?

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Police Chief declares his city a “2nd Amendment sanctuary city”, refuses to enforce Washington State’s new gun laws.

Last Tuesday, over 60 percent of Washington voters approved a sweeping new gun control initiative that raises the age limit for semiautomatic rifle purchases, imposes a 10-day waiting period, and enhances background checks. The National Rifle Association, among other groups, was highly critical of the law. A local police chief has responded.

I expect theACLU to express its full-throated support for the chief, any day now.

I’ve talked with quite a few concerned citizens today so let me clear something up.

I’ve taken 3 public oaths, one in the US Army and Two as a police officer. All of them included upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America.

The second amendment says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

As long as I am Chief of Police, no Republic Police Officer will infringe on a citizens right to keep and Bear Arms, PERIOD! – Chief Culp

I once worried that permitting cities, politicians and judges to decide for themselves which laws they would choose to obey would lead to civil war, but since that now seems inevitable, locations that shield gun owners seem sensible and appealing.

Gun hysteria



High school senior who, at the request of his drama teacher, brought a disabled BB gun to school to use as a prop suspended by school for violating its “anti-gun” rule. The school board has now reversed the suspension but will keep the suspencion, as well as a note that he was “guilty of bringing a gun to school” on his record until graduation effectively keeping him from applying to colleges, his parents point out.

They’re suing, naturally, so both they and the school board will be incurring needless attorney fees over what should have been a non-incident. Certainly schools should be cautious, perhaps even paranoid about weapons on campus, especially after Columbine, Sandy Hook, etc., but there’s no reason an investigation into this incident shouldn’t have cleared up the matter in just a few minutes.

The teacher who originally asked the student to bring in the “gun” is still teaching, by the way: maybe students should be represented by unions, too.

Sold, finally


12 Intervale, on the Belle Haven Peninsula and within walking distance of I-95, has closed at $3.9 million. Nicely built house, though its location is a bit sketchy, it was never worth the $6.450 asked for it when it was new in 2007. Its builder hung around that price level for too long, but ended up renting it out for, first, $16k, then $14,500 and, perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, sold it off for this.

New agent, new price; still a very nice house, but cheaper

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One Hobart Drive is back, down from $4.995 to $4.495 million. Without knowing the circumstances, I feel bad seeing these agent switches because it’s almost always the price that’s at fault, not the poor agent’s efforts. Then again, who set that price? Usually, the owner, but not always.

In any event, One Hobart is looking good. Custom built — really — in 2002, resold in 2008 for $5.8, the current owners did a great job redecorating and redoing the house, to pleasing effect, to my eye.

I still question the wisdom of sinking a huge amount of money in Connecticut real estate right now (or, judging from developing election results, anywhere in the US), but if I were forced to live in Greenwich for the next five years or so and was willing to toss the samovar, without regret, off the sled to the approaching wolves some dark winter from now, I’d consider this one.

 It does have the Zebra, of course

It does have the Zebra, of course

 But this room works, for me — your results may vary, of course

But this room works, for me — your results may vary, of course

Pending in Old Stone Bridge

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116 N. Old Stone Bridge, asking $1.495. Owned by a friend of mine who paid $1.9 for it in April, 2008, just as the market collapsed (no I didn’t sell it to him, which is why we’re still friends). He put a great deal of time and effort into improvements, and still lost.

The house is a bit of a wonky design, which didn’t help its chances, but Old Stone Bridge took a hit back then and has never really recovered. Still, at this price, I think a buyer’s going to do okay.

Great bowhunting off the back porch, just as an aside.