Real estate sale postponed by circumstances beyond the owner's control

"Broom clean", perhaps, but not in "substantially UNCHANGED"

"Broom clean", perhaps, but not in "substantially UNCHANGED"

A house under contract was gutted by a contractor who misread the address. "It was a huge mistake", he says.

As Fort Worth police were beginning the investigation, they got a phone call from a contractor who explained what happened, said Fort Worth Police Department Sgt. W.D. Paine.
The contractor told police that the man who owned a house at 2700 Forest Park Blvd. hired him to gut it, Paine said. When the contractor and crew arrived at the street, they saw what appeared to be an address on the curb, “2700 Forest Park Boulevard,” directly in front of a house.
The crew didn’t notice that the numbers on the house said 2736, not 2700.
“It was a huge misunderstanding,” Paine said.
The owner of 2700 Forest Park didn’t give the contractor any keys, and instructed him to just kick the door in to get inside, Paine said. The contractor did just that, and he and his crew removed almost everything inside over three days, during which they told neighbors they had been hired for the work.
Paine said police don’t intend to charge the contractor for the “big goof-up.”
“We can’t really file a criminal mischief charge because his intent wasn’t to deprive them of the property,” Paine said. “We’re leaving it up to the contractor and victim to settle it.”

Back in, I think, 1968, the parents of my then-girlfriend were set to close on a house at 145 Riverside Avenue, but the day before sale, state and local police raided the place and destroyed much of the interior: the children of the seller had been selling massive amounts of drugs from the premises. Walls were sledgehammered, even a piano in the living room was smashed. Several of our crowd visited the premises to make sure the police hadn't missed anything dangerous, but alas, they'd been too efficient, and there was nothing left.

The sale eventually went through, and the house stayed standing util just a year or so ago, when it was replaced by new construction.

So, ya just never know.

Impeach Trump?

That's what the Democratic party's crazies are demanding but nah, it ain't gonna happen: sorry.

So Maxine Water's demands aren't worthy of comment, but the grounds for impeachment are interesting: exposing our nation to the danger of Russia. That's a surprising shift since 2012.

Here's a list of five times Democrats: Obama, Clinton, John Kerry , Joe Biden and official White House scribe Chris Matthews mocked Romney's assertion that Russia was a threat (for instance, speaking at the Democratic's convention that year, John Kerry called it "a preposterous notion", to loud cheers from the mob). And now, with a new party in the White House,here is the official Left view of its former friend and ally: 

"So we now have something entirely unprecedented in American history—a coup d’état, perpetrated not just by a foreign power, but by America’s principal geopolitical adversary and threat, with the collusion of the new president."

It'd be nice to believe that the Left has come to its senses, but that wouldn't be accurate; same old people, same target, and that target is not the bear to our east.

So much winning; are you tired of winning?

As this story will be depicted on tonight's evening news

As this story will be depicted on tonight's evening news

I'm not. Senate approves Scott Pruitt as EPA head, despite another Democrat all-nighter pajama party. I haven't specifically counted, but it seems to me that if Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats hadn't changed the Senate rule on confirmations, Trump would have maybe two cabinet members in place now, instead of almost his full slate. 

So thanks, guys - you've helped make America great again.

UPDATE: Over at Instapundit, they had the same response, but the video they use to illustrate this story is funnier.

Maybe we could make a deal with Canada: they can have all the Upper East Side cupcakes they want, we'll take 3 heroes like these

They may be couch potatoes, but at least they brave the cold to get those taters

They may be couch potatoes, but at least they brave the cold to get those taters

Drunken Canadians arrested after couch surfing through McDonald's drive-thru.

17-02-09 0319hrs A MPF officer, while travelling on KG Hwy, observed an ATV that was towing a couch, with two males sitting on the couch, going through the drive through at MacDonald’s restaurant. As the MPF officer approached, the ATV fled from the drive trough and managed to cross the highway then it ventured onto the frozen Miramichi River. The two couch passengers (aged 28 & 39) who were intoxicated were left behind and were arrested. This ATV was located later in the day and was seized. This matter is still under investigation. Court charges are pending.

Mr. Paddy Quinn, whose post I link to, has these cogent observations:

I think these guys deserve kudos for wearing helmets—safety first—and also for pulling this stunt while being old enough to know better. Seizing someone’s ATV just for dragging a couch through a fast food drive thru seems a bit fascist, but this is Canada after all.
Two things prevent this story from being the most Canadian story ever.
One, the couch was towed through a McDonalds drive thru. Proper Canadian hijinks would have involved a Tim Horton’s rather than a burger franchise. And two, the ATV was not itself being towed by a moose.