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Henry Bloget contemplates his PERMEANT barring from the securities INDUSTRY

Henry Bloget contemplates his PERMEANT barring from the securities INDUSTRY

Business Insider, which I note with alarm is now getting its stories repeated in "real" newspapers, addresses the fake news said to have derailed Hillary's campaign.

In addition to the release of hacked emails, a flood of disinformation and conspiracy theories was widely circulated on the internet in the form of false stories that were peddled as news. Much of that fake news — which almost exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton — gained tremendous popularity on social networks like Facebook for months leading up to November 8.

The term "almost exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton" would be interpreted by almost anyone but a Business insider reporter or editor as meaning, "almost exclusively". Checking their own article that details those "fake" news stories, however, exposes the lie. Here are what BI itself lists as "the top 11 examples' of fake news that almost exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton:

11. Sarah Palin bars muslims from entering Bristol Palin - crude, but not targeted at Hillary.

10. Clinton Foundation accepted $375,000 from Khiz Khais - that's a Hillary.

9. Donald Trumo mistakes RuPaul for a woman and gropes him. Not Hillary

8. Mike Pence calls Michelle Obama "our most vulgar First Lady" - true assessment, but neither actually said by Pence nor targeted at Hillary.

7. Trump wins popular vote; arguably targeted at Hillary, but after-the-fact

6. Hillary, 2013: "I'd like to see people like Donald Trump run for office".Your call: pro-Trump or targeted at Hillary? We'll credit this one to the Targeted Hillary column, barely.

5. Hillary sold weapons to ISIS. This one's arguable true (Libyan arm sales went to ISIS, and this Democrat Congresswoman repeated the claim just yesterday) but put in the Hillary column.

4. Ireland accepts Trump refugees from America. Not Hillary.

3. Pope endorses Trump. Pro Trump, not targeted at Hillary, but let's give her this one anyway

2. Obama diverts money from Veterans, gives to Syrian immigrants. Not Hillary

1. Obama bans Pledge of Allegiance in nation's schools. Not Hillary.

There's really no good reason to even read Blodget's trashy site, let alone comment on it, except that it less skillfully presents the latest Left themes than the major media (sometimes) does, and so makes it easy to puncture the lies.

To be fair, unlike Business Insider, Blodget did say, as far back as last May, that the Democrats were underestimating Trump. Not that he approved of the man, but he pointed out that Trump was selling something positive: "make America great again"; Hillary was offering just a single,negative message: stop Trump. Blodget thought Trump was lying, but he at least saw what the DNC and the rest of the media did not.

So let's criminalize and confiscate drugs; that'll do it

Greenwich residents demand end to opioid prescriptions

Greenwich residents demand end to opioid prescriptions

The major media is aflutter today with news that drug overdoses outnumber gun homicides.

This is actually old news: last year, the same story was reported, but only the conservative press covered it: New drug overdose numbers show guns are safer than prescription drugs.

DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg today announced results from the 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA), which found that drug overdose deaths are the leading cause of injury death in the United States, ahead of deaths from motor vehicle accidents and firearms.  In 2013, more than 46,000 people in the United States died from a drug overdose and more than half of those were caused by prescription painkillers and heroin. 
These are 2013 numbers, so let's compare to other causes of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
A drug overdose, with a death rate of 13.9 per 100,000, is almost four times as common as a cause of death than gun homicides (3.6 per 100,000). Death from prescription drugs (7.2 per 100,000) is twice as common as gun homicides.

 Those are the total numbers. If you prefer your stats in the often used format of x per 100,000, here you go:
Obviously,  homicides aren't exactly a leading cause of death in the US, and gun homicides, even less so. Accidental death by firearms (0.2 per 100,000) is a small blip.
For all those concerned parents who think little Johnny is likely to get gunned down on the street would be better advised to keep tabs on their prescription painkillers, as Johnny is far more likely to die from popping those than from any gun in your house or in the hands of a school mate.

And, of course, one is almost three times as likely to die in an auto accident (death rate of 10.7 per 100,000) than as a result of a homicide.

Moreover, nothing listed here is even in the top ten of causes of death in the US. You're much, much more likely to die from suicide, or "influenza and pneumonia"than anything listed above.

Will they have time for an off-campus polar bear hunt?

This fellow must have read the tips back in 2007: and used them to make a difference: His home ice is growing, not shrinking

This fellow must have read the tips back in 2007: and used them to make a difference: His home ice is growing, not shrinking

"An Inconvenient Truth - the Sequel" will premier at Sundance in preparation for a national release next year.

The "settled science" Gore touted back in 2006, a package of wild guesses and downright lies that he used to become a very rich man, has proved to be far from settled after all: Gore's "final tipping point": the deadline after which it would be too late to save the earth, came and went this year without fanfare or consequence, the "snows of Kilamanjaro", which he said would be gone by 2008 are still with us, the North Pole is not ice-free,nor anywhere close to it, the seas haven't washed us away and hurricanes, like the snows or yesterday, "are now a thing of the past". Those poor polar bears? Still with us and, in fact, flourishing.

"Yeah, well okay", Gore told us when we spoke yesterday (we shouted down the newly-completed Park City - Greenwich pipeline), "that was kind of bogus. But this time, this time, I really mean it! Repent or die, fool, we're doomed, we're all dooooomed!"

The glitterati jetting up to Sundance to celebrate their keen insight and knowledge of all things science won't be bothered by Gore's miss; they're quite used to this sort of thing by now, having watched final, "this is really it" end of the world deadlines expire every few years since at least 1989, while their lives have continued undisturbed.

The Independent, which published the now infamous article back in 2000 (and picked up and cited approvingly by our mass media) announcing "Snowfalls are Now a Thing of the Past" was finally embarrassed enough (and tired of being cited), to "disappear" the entire rant last year. The Gorites in Utah have no such shame: they just Move On™.

And hold another end of the world party. For a group that so despises affirmations of faith in God, these people sure do have religion.

Because cities don't have many trees, duh, and city life is nasty, brutish and short

Healthy Acres

Healthy Acres

Harvard spends a lot of time and money to discover that moving to a place with lots of trees increases longevity. 

Living in the leafy suburbs or the peace of the countryside may invite disdain from inner-city urbanites but it might just save your life, according to Harvard University.
People whose homes are surrounded by the most greenery are 13 per cent less likely to die of cancer. Their risk of dying from respiratory disease also drops by 34 per cent, the biggest ever study into green spaces and health has shown.
“We were surprised to observe such strong associations between increased exposure to greenness and lower mortality rates”
Overall mortality was 12 per cent less for people who had the most greenery within 250 metres of their homes during the eight year follow-up period.
It is thought that being surrounded by vegetation improves mental health and lowers depression. It also allows people to get out and about more, giving more opportunities for exercise and social engagement, both of which are known to be protective against disease. The lack of air pollution in green areas also plays an important role.
Nevertheless, the researchers said they were not expecting the effect size to be so startling. 
"We were surprised to observe such strong associations between increased exposure to greenness and lower mortality rates," said Peter James, research associate in the Harvard Chan School Department of Epidemiology.
"We were even more surprised to find evidence that a large proportion of the benefit from high levels of vegetation seems to be connected with improved mental health.

I'll leave the science to the scientists, but I do know that when I leave Maine and cross the Piscataqua Bridge heading southwest, my blood pressure rises and my serenity drops with each mile I draw closer to New York.

For the homeowner who didn't know he needed one

A FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) camera. For your smartphone or as a stand-alone unit. ZDNet discusses their uses, which include to obvious: detecting energy leaks from appliance doors, the location of wires behind walls and ceilings, where that raccoon is in your attic, or your wife's lover in the bedroom - under the bed or in the closet? - to the less intuitive, like where a plumbing stoppage is, and - I like this one - swiping passcode from ATM machines by scanning for residual fingertip heat on the keypad.

FLIR Instruments has an informative website, including reviews by actual users (and some other really cool products, ranging from night vision scopes for hunters to nav systems) but you can also find the things on Amazon. Price seems to run between $299 -$699, depending on features, but it's nearly Christmas, you're running out of ideas and with two-day shipping ....

And for a stocking stuffer that, again, happy hubby didn't know he needed, how about a Carp Calendar, available from Amazon for just $18.95? It's German, but the pictures should be translatable: I know Walt could do it.

Miss February, with her keeper

Miss February, with her keeper