And the Kennedy clan's arrogant claim to privilege continues

Do you know who I am?

Do you know who I am?

Another of RFK's sons is arrested, along with a granddaughter, this time for refusing to turn down the noise at their Hyannis party.

The son and granddaughter of Robert F Kennedy have both been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.
Matthew 'Max' Kennedy, 52, and his daughter Caroline, 23, were arrested this weekend after cops busted a loud party at 172 Irving Avenue, close to the Kennedys' Cape Cod compound.
The pair were asked to turn down their music at around 1am Sunday, and when they refused they were taken into custody, reported.

Any average person would comply with a request to tone it down, just out of consideration for his neighbors, let alone when ordered to do so by the police, but the Kennedys aren't average — they're far-below-average, so they not only refused to comply, but chose to be arrested rather than do the right thing.

I don't think we've ever had a political clan of such despicable awfulness since our country was founded: four full generations, starting with Joseph the bootlegger, extending to John and Bobby, philanderers and vote-stealers, their brother Teddy, also a philander, who left a girl to drown while he went back home to construct an alibi, to JFK, Jr, whose arrogant delusion that he was a pilot killed his wife and their friend, to Joe Kennedy, yet another philanderer, three-time flunkee of the NY State bar exam, friend of Hugo Chaves, and propagator of a false claim to have founded the River Keepers, the clan's rapist cousin, William Kennedy Smith, a murderer (one of) the Skakel boys, and so on and so forth.

Now JFK's talentless daughter Caroline is being touted as the next NY Senator.

So far, the Clinton dynasty has only extended two generations. That may eventually stretch to four but for now, the Kennedy's malfeasance and misfeasance puts the Massachusetts clan far ahead.

It's civil war

Jefferson Memorial on our National Mall to be redesigned to "stress" his slave holding.

The non-profit Trust that helped leverage $150 million to refurbish the national Mall says the D.C. monument to Thomas Jefferson will get new scrutiny and changes that stress the founder's slave-holding past.
And the National Park Service, which administers the nation's treasured national monuments, essentially confirmed the changes Monday when it praised efforts 'to tell a more complete American story through the extraordinary places in our care.' 

Oldest memorial to Christopher Columbus in the United States is smashed by vandals.

Trump was right, Walt was right, EOS was right, and I was wrong: we can't give an inch to these people seeking to destroy western civilization.

Uo oh, trouble in Poughkeepsie

Jon Heinemann: I'm sure he meant to give it back

Jon Heinemann: I'm sure he meant to give it back

Long time readers will remember our friend, the social fraud Michelle-Marie Heinemann, who still has anonymous videos attacking me up on YouTube. Now comes word from FWIW's Poughkeepsie correspondent that her husband Jon has just been arrested for attempting to use a stolen, $5,000 check: that's a felony.

I no longer follow Mrs. Heinemann's blog, but it might be fun to see if she mentions this.

Riverside renovation new to market

As renovated

As renovated

Midget master bedroom?

Midget master bedroom?

215 Riverside Avenue sold for $2.050 —full price — in 2016. The buyers completely renovated it, expanded it (the listing shows the original 2,500 sq.ft. but I'm sure that will soon be corrected to reflect the addition) and have priced it at $3.  today. They did a very nice job, considering it remains a 1976 house, and this is a pretty decent location, so they may well get it. It'll be interesting to see what happens, though my bet is they'll do well here.

Here's the 2016 listing, for comparison.

215 Riverside.jpg