Not that it's news, but a reminder of what we can look forward to



Soros and friends intend to make nominees' lives hell during the coming months. I think the answer to all this is to go full Ollie North: don't sit there politely while pompous, corrupt politicians savage you, get right back in their face.

WASHINGTON — A leading Democratic opposition group, American Bridge, is gearing up to play a critical role in an effort to take down, or publicly taint, President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees by enlisting backup from Hillary Clinton’s transition team and sharing in-depth research in meetings with key senators.
The super PAC, which also has a nonprofit arm [???!!!], is digging into nominees’ past statements, voting records, tax documents, and business ties in detail, passing along their findings to a group of senators and their staff members in an effort to coordinate attacks on Trump’s nominees in confirmation hearings, the group’s founder David Brock told BuzzFeed News, laying out his plans in an interview.
“We’re going to leave no stone unturned,” said Brock, who has a cluster of affiliated groups funded by major Democratic donors. “Our goal is to keep Trump unpopular.”
Aides at another central Democratic organization, the liberal think tank Center For American Progress, announced Thursday that they would relaunch their advocacy arm as an anti-Trump research, policy, and digital organizing outlet, focusing at the outset on cabinet selections.
The CAP Action Fund will specialize in policy-heavy research and analysis, drawing on a team of policy experts, said its director, Adam Jentleson, a former senior aide to Sen. Harry Reid. [tools of these hacks never go away, they just shift places]  But, he added, “Just to be clear, we’re going to do oppo, too. There’s plenty of work to go around.”
For others, including Trump’s treasury secretary pick, Steve Mnuchin — a former investment banker and hedge fund investor — the group sees an opportunity to chip away at Trump’s populist image. “[Mnuchin’s] certainly not for the people,” he said. “That’s the path for Democrats to start winning back Trump supporters.”
The group will even challenge Elaine Chao, who is up for transportation secretary, and expected to have a smooth confirmation process. Chao is a former labor secretary and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife.
“Why not make the process as painful as possible?” Brock said.

Do you remember when, back in 2009, Rush Limbaugh was savaged for declaring that he hoped Obama failed, because he hoped Obama's policies would fail? You don't? Here's a reminder: 

You cannot be an American patriot, or a decent human being, if your wish is for our leader to fail. You cannot claim to care about this country if you hope the actions of our new leader don't succeed. If you are wishing for four more years of failed leadership following eight years of failed leadership, then you surely are no lover of this nation. What you are is a paid partisan hack, a voice determined to put ideology above country, a man intent on holding his overpaid position as a agent provocateur for right wing dimwits who offer them their ditto-head allegiance.

The present group of billionaire-funded troglodytes isn't just "hoping" Trump fails, they're actively working to bring that about. I'll wait here for the true patriotic Democrats to denounce them