What about the rule that fishermen MUST lie? They don't call it a "fish tale" for nuttin'

Fish in haste, repent at leisure

Fish in haste, repent at leisure

Marlin tournament winner stripped of his $2.8 million prize after failing polygraph tests

A Florida fisherman has been disqualified from a marlin fishing tournament and will lose the $2.8million prize money, a Maryland judge has ruled. 
On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that fisherman Philip Heasley, of Naples, Florida, who was named winner of the 2016 White Marlin Open tournament in Ocean City, Maryland last August, would be disqualified and that the prize money would be redistributed to other contestants, reports The Baltimore Sun. 
Heasley won the tournament by catching a 76.5 pound white marlin, but when he failed two polygraph tests afterwards, tournament organizers claimed that he violated the rules of the contest and withheld the prize money.

It seems he caught his fish at 8:15, just a bit before the tournament's start time..

Haste makes waste.