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Tres chic: weekend home of Dan and Margaret Loeb

Tres chic: weekend home of Dan and Margaret Loeb

Montauk trailer park now the go-to place for billionaires' 5th-homes: or shower stalls.

Is anywhere safe from these people?

On the surface, it could be your typical trailer park, with its boring rows of modular mobile homes squeezed onto tiny plots of land.
But Montauk Shores features something other trailer parks don’t: million-dollar views — and billionaire residents.
Owning a trailer at the park has become the ultimate status symbol for the tony Long Island town’s summering rich and famous, many of whom use their relatively modest mobile digs as a second pad to escape with the family or even as a glorified changing room after a long day of romping in Montauk’s waves.
There’s also the indescribable cachet that comes with shabby chic.
Originally created as an impromptu campsite with tents in the 1940s and ’50s, the trailer park eventually drew public servants — especially police and firefighters — along with some teachers and fishermen.

Life was good. Blue-collar workers who wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy an expensive oceanside view got one, local surfers landed access to the gnarliest waves, and retirees searching for peace and quiet were rewarded with unspoiled coastline, with only Dick Cavett’s Tick Hall home and the late Andy Warhol’s estate far off in the distance.

Helping to keep the park’s development under control was an unspoken rule: Anything new had to be wheeled in.

But as improbable as it seems, the trailer park has been increasingly pulling in billionaires by the boatload.

I'm no class warrior, but watching the steady land grabbing of "these people" has been disheartening. The Montauk  space used to provide a place where young surfishermen like myself could park a VW bus for the night and go striper fishing, and Montana and Wyoming offered millions of acres to hunt and fish for anyone who wanted to do so. Now it's all fenced off, guarded or, just as bad, donated for tax purposes to "conservation" groups, run by eastern elites, whose first impulse is to ban hunting and reserve the land for butterfly-netters and herb pickers. 

In no possible way do I want to be anywhere near Daniel Loeb, whose weekend paradise is pictured above (in a representative fashion): a billionaire Obama/transgender supporter is hardly someone I'd care to spend time with, but I do wish he and his crowd would just stay put, so we knew where to avoid them.