This is how to take a price cut

6R Eggleston Lane, in Shorelands, OG, hit the market March 22 this year, priced at $3.995 million (two lots). Its price stayed there until today, when it was dropped to $2.7 million. That may still be the wrong price: Eggleston's a fairly quirky street, but at least it's a real price cut, not some meaningless nibble.

I don't know anything about that initial pricing decision, and listing agent Jean Ruggiero would certainly not violate confidentiality rules and tell me were I to ask, but often in properties involving heirs (this is an estate sale), one or more of them will insist on an unrealistic price, especially if they're out of town and aren't up on local values, and it can take a while before everyone's on board.

That may have been what happened here.