When nature resets stores' inventory plans


New storm arriving, and that poses a challenge.

In Old Greenwich, Feinsod's Hardware has been forced to shuffle a bit.

At the Feinsod True Value hardware store in Old Greenwich, manager Larry Weiner said the latest weather reports required a change of plans: The spring planting items had to be put away from the front of the store, and the winter materials were retrieved. “We were putting out the grass seed. We stopped what we were doing, we had to go in back and get the snow shovels,” said Weiner.

Long ago, before what I assume were insurance liability concerns ruled out the practice, we high school kids loved storms like this, because the town would hire us to work on the sanding trucks on the night shift at, if I recall, three-times the minimum wage, so six bucks an hour. Wait for the announcement that school would be cancelled the next day, then report at one of the maintenance depots and pow! Instant wealth, at least until our girlfriends discovered our windfall. 

Good gig, if you wanted it.