Not all that glitters in Riverside is gold

glen avon.jpg

26 Glen Avon Road is back off the rental rolls and back on the market, this time at $3.599. I’ve always liked this house and its location: the owners back in the 80s and early 90s were friends of ours, and we attended several great parties there, especially the Halloween party thrown for all the neighborhood kids and their parents. But it has had trouble selling. It sold for $5.495 in 2006 — not bad — but resold to the present owners for just $4.775 in 2009. They, in turn, placed it back up for sale in 2013 at $5.195, gave up that effort in 2016 and rented it out. Now it’s back, as noted. $3.599 doesn’t seem like a ridiculous price, but I guess we’ll see.