Troubles in the Northwest Passage

578 Riversville Rd

578 Riversville Rd

578 Riversville Road, discussed here when it was pending at $4.995 million, has closed at $4.6. Owners paid Tommy Hilfiger $7.8 for it in 2006. He, in turn, paid $5 million for it in 2000.

108 John Street.jpg

And 108 John Street cut its price today to $4.499 million. It started off at $6.3 in September, 2017, and maybe this will prove to be the right price.

41 Binney.jpg

On a far brighter note, 41 Binney Lane, in Old Greenwich, is pending. It’s currently asking $11.750 million, and I had feared that the 1895 structure was doomed to be razed and the lot sold off as land. Spectacular waterfront land, mind you, but land all the same. But not at this price; it appears that someone intends to retain the house, and that’s good news.