Finally, a bit of cheer for mid country owners

524 North Street Sort of. 524 North Street, asking $3.5 million, reports a contingent contract. Nothing wrong with that, but the buyers paid $5.2 million for it in 2008 and have been trying to sell it since 2013, when they started at $4.995. Assuming a final selling price of around $3.2 million, that must be disheartening.

Previous owners have done better: Designer Linda Ruderman (think Cindy Sikorsky Renfrew, and you have the style) sold it for $4.475 in 2003, and those owners got out at the aforesaid $5.2, although admittedly, they tried for $6.150 before settling for the lower sum. Ironically, these present owners likely looked at that original start price and figured they were getting a bargain at $5.2, instead of a home overpriced by $2 million.

Ms. Ruderman, just as a by the way, hasn't fared as well on her next house, 465 Round Hill Road, which has been on and on the market since 2010, when it was priced at $12.950, and still can't sell at $8.995. Looking at the two houses, I see a very strong Ruderman influence in both interiors, and that's a style that I think has gone out of fashion. The owners of 524 North might have been well advised to clean out Ruderman's lingering touches before trying to sell it and, although it's rude to suggest such a thing, maybe Ruderman herself should do the same up on Round Hill.

465 Round Hill Road