Wannabe elite children who will rue the world. Drop the "L" for loser

Class of '17 James Taranto reports on Yale students' frail personalities, again.

Home-ophobia  Halloween has come again to Yale, a Connecticut university made famous for last year’s moral panic over Halloween costumes. The Yale Daily News reports the new master of Silliman College, Laurie Santos, “transformed her home into a haunted house”:

Kishore Chundi ’20 said he appreciated the respect and sensitivity of the costumed actors in the haunted house.

Organizers took precautions to ensure that attendees were comfortable. Santos stood at the entryway to the haunted house to warn attendees about the strobe lights inside and explain to students that they could leave at any point.

“They made sure you could tap out at anytime if it was too much to handle,” Chundi said.

Taranto: "It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when people that age were legally considered adults—even drafted and sent to war."