Really? There are charts for that

On a happier day and deeper waters, Freedom rounds a mark Former America's Cup winner Freedom runs aground on Hen and Chickens. Those are the rather-well-known rocks to the north of Island Beach, and it's somewhat surprising that a skipper familiar with the area would do that. It happens of course: my friend, the late Bill Breck was a terrific sailor, yet he and his boat spent the night on them, waiting for high tide to float them off, but Bill was racing at the time and gambled that there was still enough water to permit safe passage.  He was wrong.

So far as I know, there's no racing going on in our part of the Sound this time of year.

(Of local note, Freedom was designed by Greenwich native Bill Langan, who sadly died of cancer at an early (50) age. He was the son of the late Dr. Michael Langan, who probably delivered half the babies born in Greenwich over the decades.)