If Shrillary wins, I predict many will wish their own state offered this option

But they can't do that! Can they? CT allows early voters to change their mind, and some are doing so

Casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump has a permanence to it like a tattoo — but not in Connecticut.

Thanks to a quirk in the state’s election law, thousands who have already taken advantage of early voting via absentee ballot can get a do-over.

It makes Connecticut one of the few states to allow switches and creates a subplot with each emerging bombshell in the presidential race — from the FBI reopening its probe of Clinton’s emails to sexual misconduct allegations against Trump.

Trump's behavior is no longer receiving much news coverage despite Hillary's best efforts, but her own unbroken history of corruption sure is. I'm betting anyone switching his vote in the next few days won't be voting for the Influence Peddler in Chief.