Aha! There ARE buyers out there

Two pending contracts have been reported. 185 Riverside Avenue

After 902 days and $2.380 million in price cuts, 185 Riverside Avenue (now $4.495, once $6.875) has found a buyer. It's been criticized here before by readers who didn't like the clumsy way the old was joined to the new, but I like the house, and its yard and its location. Final selling price? I'll guess around $4.2

2 Meadow Place

2 Meadow Place, in Old Greenwich, has moved off the market a little quicker than today's Riverside property. It was listed at $4.2 million in April, dropped to $3.995, and is now pending. The sellers paid $3.950 for it in 2014, so they'll be taking a haircut, but not a serious one, assuming the sales price is close to that last ask.

It'll probably get a little wet during hurricanes, but that's been happening since man first camped by the sea and he still does it: it's nice to live on the water, even if sometimes that means living in the water.