Yeah, but they've got their transgender policy down pat

Navy cancels its new destroyer class's sole weapon system after figuring out that $800,000 per missile shot at a rate of ten per minute was too expensive. Number of proposed ships was cut from 28 to 3, raising the missile's cost per unit to an unacceptable level.

The US Navy’s largest and most advanced destroyer is equipped with two massive guns that can hit targets from 80 miles away – but it can’t afford the ammunition.

At $800,000 or more per round for each gun, the Navy says the cost is just too high, and is now moving to cancel these projectiles, according to a new report from Defense News.

Bosses have admitted the guns will remain silent when the ship enters service - but have pledged to develop alternative projectiles in the future.

Okay, so we'll soon be receiving three foursome looking but impotent ships into our defense force, but so what? We are also about to have the most caring, sensitive group of seamen ever to serve our nation, and there's no limit to what that sort of modern, progressive navy can achieve, even without missiles. Love is all you need.

In September, the Navy announced that every single sailor in the fleet will receive sensitivity training on transgenders and their special needs. No cost estimate was given for shutting down work across the world, but it's probably less than the cost of just one destroyer, so an economy has been effected.