And top story of the day, so far

19 Sherwood Farms There's a contract over at Sherwood Farm! 19 Sherwood Farm Lane, asking $4.250 million, reports a contingent contract after 411 days and various price cuts that took it down from $4.795. Purchased new in 2003 for $3.750, the owners have added a pool, some great landscaping and other interior improvements over that period, so they won't be pocketing a wad of cash when they walk away, but at least they can now walk away; other owners in this development haven't seen so lucky.

Like almost all the houses here, this one's beautifully made and, to my eye, very attractive. The problem with Sherwood has been its location, not the quality of the homes built there. Personally, I think these buyers are getting an excellent house. Whether they're getting a bargain won't be known for another five years or so.