Nobody's gonna steal MY house!

137 Old Mill Road The owner of 137 Old Mill Road has re-upped with David Ogilvy, continuing an unbroken string of 717 days with the same agent and the same price: $11,500,000. Loyalty to Mr. Ogilvy is perfectly understandable, but refusing to acknowledge that no one has wanted to pay this price since it came on the market in June, 2014 is just sheer stubbornness. That may pay off, eventually, but so far, reality is winning over dreams.

1927 house, by the way, on 4 acres, last renovated in 1986. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Apparently the owner can wait as long as she wants to sell this house: she not only has more, she sold one of her NYC co-ops for $46 million back in 2007. Sometimes divorcing a hedge funder can be a financially savvy move.