Okay, a little real estate intrusion here

49 Byfield Lane 49 Byfield Lane is back after its previous listing expired, still looking for $5.895 million. 10,000 sq.ft., 2 + acres, moderate-to-loud Merritt noise, and nice quality construction.


Byfield's been the end of many an aspiring builder/renovator. No.12, originally priced at $12 million in 2009 (maybe he picked that price from its address?) sunk into foreclosure and sold in 2015 for $4.295, which was probably too much. No. 29, the spec built by that Chinese guy, General Tso (or something like that) bounced back and forth between $5.995 and $9.3 depending on the General's mood on any particular day, from 2008 to 2012, then went to foreclosure, came back as a bank owned property in 2013 at $4.3 million and sold two years later for $3.1. Other homes on the street have been nicely renovated, and their owners were lucky to get out with their shirts.

So while I wish this brave entrepreneur good luck, history is against him here: there's just something about Byfield that people don't like.