Aw come on, you don't need an expert to predict this

You're saying we'll have to pay our own way to Davos? And what do you mean, if we get an invitation? Experts question whether Clinton Foundation will survive. Look: if they no longer can sell access to the presumed heiress of the United States, what's left to peddle? Donations will disappear quicker than six-figure lecture fees from Goldman Sachs. Nonetheless, these "experts" also see other difficulties:

The months ahead could determine what kind of future, if any, the Clinton Foundation can have as Congress and the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump take what is certain to be a tough look the ethical and legal issues that have swirled for years around the troubled charity.

Former President Bill and Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, have been accused repeatedly of turning the foundation into a tool for personal enrichment by using it to market official government favors, access and influence to wealthy individuals, corporations and foreign governments.

....  Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and vocal critic of the foundation, believes the IRS and state officials must “go inside” the charity for an exhaustive audit.

“I suggest that the correct thing here to do is to study it from the inside, get all the books and records,” Ortel told TheDCNF. “They must look at how flagrant the abuses were, figure out which donors are responsible for violations, understand why they may have made contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  And we have to go after all of the donors.”

... Leslie Lenkowsky, a nationally recognized expert on charities and philanthropic groups, told TheDCNF that if the Clinton Foundation cannot compete successfully on a level playing field with other charities, it will go out of business.

“With the end of the Clinton political dynasty, at least for the time being, the Clinton Foundation is going to have obtain support the old fashion way, they’re going to have to earn it,” Lenkowsky said. “It was very difficult to really find evidence of accomplishments. It should be closed down if it can’t demonstrate that it’s doing good stuff.”

UPDATE: A reader sends this along: