Where's Dollar Bill now?

Well bite my bottom, I just didn't consider that Readers who remember our resident liberal troll Dollar Bill may also remember my warning him, repeatedly, that his defense of Obama's using his executive power to override the will of Congress was a double edged sword: what DB approved of then would come back to bite him when a president of another political persuasion came to power.

DB never replied to that (in fact, DB never once actually engaged in argument; when challenged he simply shouted "racist" "Bush/Chaney/Bush/Chaney/Bush/Chaney!" and switched topics), but that prediction has come true, much sooner than I'd hoped, and people are noticing.

"Democrats have been arguing for years that President Obama should have the power to get a lot done on his own, without going through Congress: executive orders, going to war, etc. If President Trump exercises similarly broad powers, remember: Trump didn't build that!"