I'm so old, I remember when advocating "buy locally" wasn't considered racist

Okay, didn't mean it That would be all the way back to the evening of November 8th.

I personally think that Trump's goal of imposing strict tariffs and forcing companies to build products and grow food here in America instead of overseas (or, say, Mexico) would be a disaster, but when I tried making that argument to certain young uber-liberals of my acquaintance, wonderful people with big hearts, I was told I was being racist, somehow. So why aren't they embracing The Donald's demand that Walmart bring manufacturing back to our shores, Apple stop producing iPhones in China or, speaking of apples, we stop importing them from Chile?

So I'm puzzled. Maybe if unemployed Ohio factory workers began raising Llamas and smoking (more) dope, they'd gain the love and respect of these young people, affection that until now has been reserved for pot farmers in Vermont and potters in New Mexico.