Not a happy story, but a curious one

Little Cove armory and spirits shop? 2 Little Cove Road, a land sale, was listed in October for $2.350 million and was immediately the subject of a bidding war. It closed Friday at $2.625  . Today, Greenwich Time has an article on Thompson Bossee, who lived there with his mother until she died and the estate's executor evicted him. The man was arrested and charged with number of gun-related felonies, but on its face, he hardly seems like quite the felon the police have charged him with being. He apparently had  "assault weapons" and unregistered "large capacity magazines" in his house when it was raided last August (under the pretense of arresting him for failure t appear on a DUI charge dating back to 1991), but "assault rifle" is a made-up term, based on the appearance of a particular rifle, not on its actual capabilities, and the "large capacity magazines" (any magazine capable of holding more than 10 cartridges) were required to be registered only two years ago; most gun owners I've heard of - I certainly don't personal know any such people, God forbid - refuse to comply; the legislature created probably 10,000 new felons with that silly law. All that said, an alcoholic with a bunch of powerful rifles in the house and a loaded pistol in his car doesn't sound good.

In any event, it doesn't sound as though the poor guy's been living a happy life these past decades, but he's out of the neighborhood now, and the house will soon be razed. With any luck, now that the house has been sold, he can post his $250,000 bail and get out of jail where he's been since August. Too late to return to Little Cove Road, but perhaps he'll be coming your way soon.

All very interesting. There may be eight million stories in the naked city, but when it comes to Old Greenwich, forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.