Shouldn't these people be shopping for their tofu turkeys or something?

Still reeling in shock from the nationwide rejection of their opinions and schemes, Greenwich Democrats huddled in Town Hall this week to strategerize against the coming Trump regime. Everyone who is anyone in our local band of pathetic losers was there, including Jeffrey Ramer and Democratic operative / Greenwich Time reporter [sic] Neil Boarsuck, but they could come up with nothing.

“I think this town and the town selectmen should be called upon to denounce extremism and racist behavior,” said resident Richard Wolfram, presumably referring to the rash of attacks on Trump supporters and CNN Commenter Symone Sanders' demand that only a person of color be selected to lead the Democratic party.

Other suggestions of ineffective but daring action offered at the meeting included speaking truth to power by contacting Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to let him know that, contrary to the spoken will of the American public and the dismal failure of the program itself, Greenwich democrats will oppose the repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Another idea was to boycott retailers who carry The Donald Trump Collection, sold at Walmart's and Target, so as to bring those merchandizers to their knees. Mr. Ramer cut his Trump Collection tie in half while proposing this economic holocaust and waved the severed tail over his head, screaming "solidarity forever!" The dozen in attendance cheered, but left their own garb untouched.

Resident Kelsey Marrow urged his fellow attendees to contact their congressional representatives, particularly about Trump Supreme Court nominations. "That'll do it," he promised. "Betsy Warren will be our first Native-American Justice, I swear!".

And revealing a formerly-top-secret strategy, meeting attendee Rommel Nobay said phone calls are the best way to reach out to elected representatives.

Love it, love it, love it.