And the left calls us dictators and fascists?

Or, to quote the Left's favorite expression, dating to the French Revolution but repeated during Stalin's terror, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs"

Jill Stein praises Castro and vows solidarity

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 5.49.40 AM.png

They Left claims it supports gay rights; Castor imprisoned and executed thousands of gays as "enemies of the state".

The Left claims it supports economic justice; Castro and his gang amassed hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves while leaving millions of their peasants to live on rice and beans.

The Left claims it supports human rights; Castro built up a network of secret police, spies and informers that rivaled, even surpassed the Stasi in its cruelty and effectiveness.

So when Stein cries "presente!", she, like the masses who assemble in public squares to cheer their own dictators, is claiming to stand with Castro and his omelet making. Which is exactly what the Left is about: results, not principles, and if the desired results can't be made without breaking a few million heads well, so be it.

UPDATE: Inagua, I'm having real trouble with the comment section, and though I receive notification via email of your incoming comments and attempt to approve them (why they should need approval escape me) your latest hasn't shown up. Other readers are probably experiencing the same thing: comments re disappearing.

In any event, you're at least partially correct, I did say "results" when indeed, the Left wants power. I should have qualified the term, "results they approve of", results that inevitably lead to their complete power to rule the country.