If it weren't for double standards they'd have no standards at all

Soros-funded Democrat Party and Hillary's election lawyer calls for end to N.C. recount: "the election is settled".

 Just two days after confirming that he would participate in Jill Stein's recounts in WI, MI and PA, Hillary campaign attorney, Marc Elias, is now publicly calling on North Carolina Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Pat McCrory, to halt his recount efforts and concede his race.
The vote difference in NC is far less than the totals in the states Hillary and Jill are challenging.

The media's still at it, by the way: here are screen shots of Google results for sports on Trump's claim that illegal aliens voted in the election, and Stein's demand for recounts which are conceded by her own lawyer and Hillary's to be utterly pointless and based on exactly zero evidence of voter fraud (and another "by the way": that claimed "Russian tampering? Wisconsin's voting machines aren't even connected to the Internet, meaning that Putin would have had to send Boris and Natasha to every precinct in the state to rig the devices).

Articles on Trump's assertion are all labeled "baseless", Jill Stein's have no such pejorative description attached.