Uh huh



The New York Daily News, rapidly clearing out its offices and preparing to die ("Daily News 'pretty much gutted after buyouts'", is being kept on life support by its few remaining reporters and headline writer's absolute, frothing haters of Trump.

Here's one of today's articles written by the soon-to-be-unemployed lady's man, Gersh Kuntsman, who just this past June was exposed for manufacturing a fake story about guns and gun owners : PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP CONTINUES TO FILL OUT HIS CABINET ONE MILLIONAIRE AT A TIME

Now a reporter who retained even a trace of ability would wonder, as I did, how the wealth of Trump's picks compared to the of the current occupant. I've never heard of many middle class cabinet appointees, in any administration, and neither, apparently has Obama.

Washington Post, April 9, 2013:

And as wealthy as the Cabinet is now, it’s poised to turn into an even more exclusive club. If hotel scion Penny Pritzker gets the nod for commerce secretary, as is expected the group will have its first billionaire. And Obama’s recent picks — Ernest Moniz physicist who sits on multiple boards, to be the new energy secretary, and REI CEO Sally Jewell for Interior — are quite comfortable, too.


Here’s a list of Cabinet secretaries and their net-worth ranges.

●Secretary of State Kerry: $184.2 million to $287.7 million.

●Attorney General Holder: $3.8 million to $8.4 million.

●Defense Secretary Hagel: $2.8 million to $6 million.

●Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki: $2.2 million to $5.9 million.

●HUD Secretary Donovan: $1.5 million to $6.1 million.

●Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack: $1.2 million to $5.6 million.

●HHS Secretary Sebelius: $502,000 to $4.9 million.

●Education Secretary Arne Duncan: $1.3 million to $3.4 million.

●Treasury Secretary Lew: $748,000 to $1.7 million.

●Vice President Biden: $39,000 to $806,000.

●DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano: $93,000 to $695,000.

●Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood: minus $508,000 to (plus) $106,000.