Democrats: "It's not fair! What about HIM?"

CIA tells Democrats that Russia interfered in our election to help Trump, and boy are the Democrats angwy. 

A couple of points:

1. Not a single email exposing Democrat and Hillary misbehavior and duplicity has been denied as untrue. From Hillary's sale of access while Secretary of State, to the DNC conspiring to torpedo Sanders' campaign, to the Democrat operatives instigating riots at Trump rallies and then blaming Trump for causing violence, to the mainstream press operatives posing as objective journalists while coordinating with and editing to suit the demands of the Clinton campaign (and even feeding the campaign questions scheduled to be asked of the candidate during debates) - all those exposures were authentic. To complain that the Ruskies didn't also hack Trump's computers is the behavior of a six-year-old child.

2. What could be more deserved than Russia's demonstration to the Democrats who mocked Romney for declaring that Russia is "still our major political foe"? From Obama to Hillary to Biden, to Kerry to those same newspapers and media outlets that now complain that Russia messed with our politics, all dismissed Romney's claim as the demented mutterings of a senile old man who still lived in the 1980s. Didn't he know that Reagan and the Republicans changed all that? Sheesh!

Have they no shame at being exposed as being so spectacularly wrong?

That's a rhetorical question.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse raises another point, or rather notes that The New York Times (!) does: everyone assumed Hillary was going to win, so Russia was likely trying to delegitimize her coming reign, rather than help Trump. The American Left should be completely comfortable and familiar with this tactic: it's being trying to do the same thing to Trump since he was elected.

Interesting that the CIA apparently didn't deal with this possibility. Time to clear out that entire hotbed of inept partisans.