Fake news from the Left

Henry Bloget contemplates his PERMEANT barring from the securities INDUSTRY

Henry Bloget contemplates his PERMEANT barring from the securities INDUSTRY

Business Insider, which I note with alarm is now getting its stories repeated in "real" newspapers, addresses the fake news said to have derailed Hillary's campaign.

In addition to the release of hacked emails, a flood of disinformation and conspiracy theories was widely circulated on the internet in the form of false stories that were peddled as news. Much of that fake news — which almost exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton — gained tremendous popularity on social networks like Facebook for months leading up to November 8.

The term "almost exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton" would be interpreted by almost anyone but a Business insider reporter or editor as meaning, "almost exclusively". Checking their own article that details those "fake" news stories, however, exposes the lie. Here are what BI itself lists as "the top 11 examples' of fake news that almost exclusively targeted Hillary Clinton:

11. Sarah Palin bars muslims from entering Bristol Palin - crude, but not targeted at Hillary.

10. Clinton Foundation accepted $375,000 from Khiz Khais - that's a Hillary.

9. Donald Trumo mistakes RuPaul for a woman and gropes him. Not Hillary

8. Mike Pence calls Michelle Obama "our most vulgar First Lady" - true assessment, but neither actually said by Pence nor targeted at Hillary.

7. Trump wins popular vote; arguably targeted at Hillary, but after-the-fact

6. Hillary, 2013: "I'd like to see people like Donald Trump run for office".Your call: pro-Trump or targeted at Hillary? We'll credit this one to the Targeted Hillary column, barely.

5. Hillary sold weapons to ISIS. This one's arguable true (Libyan arm sales went to ISIS, and this Democrat Congresswoman repeated the claim just yesterday) but put in the Hillary column.

4. Ireland accepts Trump refugees from America. Not Hillary.

3. Pope endorses Trump. Pro Trump, not targeted at Hillary, but let's give her this one anyway

2. Obama diverts money from Veterans, gives to Syrian immigrants. Not Hillary

1. Obama bans Pledge of Allegiance in nation's schools. Not Hillary.

There's really no good reason to even read Blodget's trashy site, let alone comment on it, except that it less skillfully presents the latest Left themes than the major media (sometimes) does, and so makes it easy to puncture the lies.

To be fair, unlike Business Insider, Blodget did say, as far back as last May, that the Democrats were underestimating Trump. Not that he approved of the man, but he pointed out that Trump was selling something positive: "make America great again"; Hillary was offering just a single,negative message: "stop Trump". Blodget thought Trump was lying, but he at least saw what the DNC and the rest of the media did not.