They probably needn't worry: America is going nowhere

Regulator vs children: no contest

Regulator vs children: no contest

The federal government has banned seesaws, in an attempt to save children's lives before baby-killer Trump assumes power.

See-saws are involved in 2% of all playground accidents, so it's obvious that they must be banned, now, even though their merits are also obvious:

“By rapidly moving the child through vertical space,” physical therapist Lauren Drobnjak, co-author of the book “Sensory Processing 101,” told the New York Times, seesaws help beef up a tot’s sense of balance “in a way that no other playground equipment can.” Plus, the act of pushing yourself up from the ground helps with strength and coordination. “A seemingly simple plaything actually provides so many important sensory experiences for kids,” she told the Times.

A lot of people thought the country was going to be changed after last month's election, but I think Trump supporters and opponents alike underestimated the determination of the entrenched political class, regardless of supposed party differences. Senators McCaine and Graham have joined the Democrat's program to delegitimize the Trump administration before it begins, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell has vowed to stop tax cuts and infrastructure programs that include private partners. Establishment Republicans are making it clear that they are in no hurry to reduce the size of the regulatory agencies that provide so much employment for their friends - and themselves, when they leave office - and Trump himself has signalled his intention to keep it business as usual - literally - by his appointment of Exxon's CEO as Secretary of State.

The man hasn't even taken office yet so it's too soon to admit defeat, but it seems to me that supporters of a huge, all-powerful government running the country have little to fear. 

And it's a cinch that seesaws are now history.