A surprise (to me) sale in Cos Cob

16 (left lot) and 21 Lia Fail

16 (left lot) and 21 Lia Fail

16 Lia Fail Road, the companion piece to No. 21, has sold for $675,000. It's 2.9 acres, and pretty, but I remember it as mostly wetlands, and never really believed anyone would choose to live on it. Shows what I know.

The sellers bought both parcels here in 2004 for $2.2 million, so with the $1.366 million they received for No. 21 this past August, they're getting out, after 12 years of trying, for pretty much what they put in.

I hear that the buyer of 21 is going to rip out the marble amphitheater on the property, and that's too bad but to be fair, what does one do with a 200-seat marble amphitheater in the woods? 

UPDATE: Reader Caelestis provides a link in the comment section to this Greenwich Sentinel column by Anne Semmes on the history of the amphitheater (which I now see seats at least 500).