It will be a shame if it's gone

117 John Street

117 John Street

Greenwich Time reports a major fire at 117 John Street, An old (1833) house that had real charm and appeal back when it was on the market in 2004, and presumably still does, or did. It sold that year for $3.3 million to the guy across the street who runs that art "foundation" - there seems to be some dispute about its tax status - which struck me as pretty high, even back then.

It sits on almost 6 acres abutting the Audubon, and the previous owner moved a fantastic 1700s barn down from Vermont (? somewhere north of here) to complement the place. I showed it to clients who loved the land and the house, but the house was too small to suit their needs, and since they weren't interested in being historical vandals, we moved on to a different property. 

I really hope last night's fire wasn't as devastating as it sounds, because this place really added to John Street's beauty. (there was no mention of injuries in the GT article, so I'm focusing on the house itself. Obviously, if anyone was hurt, then any discussion of damaged property is insignificant.)

Here's a listing for the place.