California heads for the fault line

Actual, un-retouched photograph of a cow fitted with a methane collector - no shit

Actual, un-retouched photograph of a cow fitted with a methane collector - no shit

The LA Times looks at the latest global warming follies of state legislators and doesn't like what it sees.

The Time's article points out the future costs that will be incurred in reducing California's CO2 emissions to the level of 1960 by 2030, but present costs are already huge: the state is now spending more to combat global warming, with no evidence its succeeding, than it spends on the entire University of California educational system. And as of 2020, all new houses in the state must be 100% self-sustaining through solar energy, a requirement that will add an estimated cost of $45,000 to a 2,500 sq.ft. house. Those homeowners fortunate to be able to afford a new home had better pray for sunny days, every day. Good luck with that once you leave LA.

But enough of just silly, stupid ideas, how about absolute batshit crazy ones?

Dairies are also bracing for a difficult future, said Anja Raudabaugh, executive director of the Western Dairymen’s Assn. Just this year, 53 dairies have gone bankrupt, left the state or simply closed their doors, a trend likely to accelerate, she said.
“There is no way we can manage the reductions they want,” she said.
Dairy herds produce roughly 10 million metric tons of the greenhouse gas methane each year, a consequence of cow flatulence, burping and manure.
Under SB 1383, that has to change.
At a heated meeting in June, dairy officials pleaded with the Air Resources Board that they already reduced methane emissions. Air board scientist Ryan McCarthy suggested that new technology could help, and the discussion turned to an experimental system from Argentina that would capture gas in a backpack on each cow through a hose inserted into their digestive system.
“All of our jaws hit the floor,” recalled Raudabaugh. “It is an outlandish scheme.”

Cows with hoses stuck up their ass and leading into a filter/backpack: Ponder that image, and think about the fact that it could even be proposed, and by a self-described global warming expert. And endorsed by eco-magazines and more "experts".

This is how the "science is settled".