Chris Murphy: the young, ambitious spawn of old, failed Democrats

Enough indeed: they all look abashed, as INDEED they should

Enough indeed: they all look abashed, as INDEED they should

"This is how wars start" Chris Murphy denounces Trump's call to Taiwan's president as a reversal of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy.

Murphy is setting himself up to be the Democrat presidential nominee in 2020, which is a tad ironic: hindsight is supposed to be 20/20, but Murphy has obviously learned nothing from the mistakes of his elders.

UPDATE: Murphy's crowd; specifically, the NYT and its stable of experts, is aghast at Trump speaking to any foreign leader unsupervised. The Times mention Trump's acceptance of a call from the Philippine's Duerte: this man called Obama an asshole, and threaatened to break from US sphere of influence and ally his country with China, and Trump was willing to speak with him? You nuke ungrateful little wogs like that, you don't woo them. Sheesh.

The Times is particularly angered and appalled that Trump took his daughter along to a meeting with Japan's ambassador and didn't bring along a seasoned veteran diplomat like Caroline Kennedy, whose own approach to sophisticated negotiation with the Japanese is displayed below.