Damn it, someone got this before I did

10 Wynn Lane

10 Wynn Lane

10 Wynn Lane, asking $1.895 million, reports a contract.

We've discussed this property before; it's a partially-finished renovation, sitting on 3 1/2 acres in the R-2 zone. Owners paid $2.950 million for it in 2005, started the addition and apparently ran out of money, so put it back up for sale in 2008 for $4.195, and went nowhere, naturally.

The lot itself is easily worth this much, and the house is more than salvageable; I'd hoped to get my own clients in to see it, but everyone is so busy during the holidays that it's hard to get movement.

Which ordinarily wouldn't matter - sales activity is minimal now, as you'll have noticed from the dearth of real estate news on this blog, but real bargains will still be picked up, so keep your options open, if you can.