Say what you want, but ....

John travelled a lot during his lifetime, and he liked to carry a particular suitcase with him on which his friend Jordan had painted an anchor. During his travels, he'd prop the case in front of a suitable back drop: mountain, sloop, whatever, and take a picture to memorialize that particular journey. Like this:

Heading for the Continental divide, Colorado

Heading for the Continental divide, Colorado

So as mentioned earlier, today is John's birthday and Sarah, Kat, Pal Nancy and i went to Freeport to do some Christmas shopping. The first thing Sarah saw when we entered the LL Bean outlet store was this bag: someone had ordered a bag with "JCF" monogrammed on it and returned it. John Caldwell Fountain - JCF? WTF! Sarah grabbed it. 

Then we continued to the back of the store, and found this, painted on barn board - no shit. 

So we brought it home. Happy birthday, John.